Monday, April 26, 2010

Migraine Monday

The weekend was great...Friday night was a Reds Game/Surprise Party for one of Steinvic's cousins. Lots of cousins there, plus one of Steinvic's sisters + her husband were there, and Steinvic's Aunt and Uncle...and lots of friends of his cousin. We took up most of the Machine Room at the ballpark, and since the weather was kind of cold and rainy and the Reds really blew it, we didn't see much of the game. But what fun we had visiting and catching up with everyone!

The next morning, Steinvic's sister and her husband came by on their way back to Columbus. We talked and sipped coffee and tea for hours. It was leisurely and nice it was to have Steinvic's family (soon to be my family, too, though they already feel like mine) in our home. When they left, we cleaned up, got groceries in, and went to our local for a while.

Sunday, I got up early and started parents were coming for a big, vegetarian lasagna dinner. I made sauce from scratch, layered up the lasagna, and we got the house ready.

And, as I cleaned up the dinner dishes and visited with my Mom (Steinvic and my step-Dad were out in the living room talking) we began talking about the wedding.

I shared with her our thoughts so far, and she began to pressure me about ways to include my sister.

This is touchy sister and I aren't close. I won't go into all the details right now, but it's tricky...while I'm not excluding her from anything, I'm also not going to great lengths to include her in any traditional ways. We don't have that kind of relationship and because she doesn't make efforts in the day-to-day ways, it seems fake to me to involve her in the grand gesture sorts of ways.

And as my Mom pressed harder, what felt like a long, dull needle began working it's way into my brain through the top of my head, behind my right eye.

By the time we were all gathered around the computer, looking at the photos from my parent's latest adventure, I couldn't see at all.

The vision part left after an hour or so, and I took several Aleve and several prescription Naproxen to cut the pain. Usually, that would do it. The days of me getting truly debilitating migraines (the go to the hospital variety) are thankfully long gone.

But when I woke this morning, there was the migraine, blurring my vision with wavy lines once again.

So, I called off today. Hated to do it...I don't like missing work...but I was so foggy. I slept until almost noon.

I'm better now. Steinvic worked from home today and I puttered around, checked work e-mail, showered and even ran a few errands. I just threw together my first Shepherd's Pie (vegetarian, of course...)

I love my Mom and of course, don't want her to know that I think her firm pressing may have coaxed me right into migraine mode. But wow...

We will do our wedding our way because we deserve to celebrate our love in the most authentic way possible.

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