Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All is Well...

Sorry for my whiny friend post. Sometimes, you just have to vent, and this is a fine place to do it - you can simply log off if you don't want to read, right?

Not if you are Steinvic. Let's give him three cheers for being a great listener. A trooper. Diplomatic. The constant voice of reason. My rock. And looking gorgeous while doing so.

But how did the situation get resolved? Me asking questions. Me being calm. Then not calm. Then calm. And finally, after a very low blow, I realized that the person I thought was my friend was simply not.

Sometimes, we make mistakes, either with the things we do or the things we want to believe. I believed something about this friend that was not true. Now I know the truth and I can move on and I have.

If you find yourself with something stuck in your craw and you're normally a reasonable person, trust your gut. In my case, it was something running much deeper than a friend not making it to a very significant event.

On to other things!

I was on the highway Monday - stopped of course, as the highway here often is - and I saw a three ringed binder full of papers on the side of the road. I wondered what it was and as I sat, staring at the back of the car ahead of me, thought about all the different scenarios that could have lead to the binder being there.

Was it an important school report due tomorrow, that a mean older brother chucked from the car window because his little brother kept changing the radio station?

Was it a project binder that someone tossed out the window in celebration, having just quit the suckiest job of her life?

Was it the Secret of Life?

A psychological test complete with a hidden camera nearby to see if someone would stop to pick it up?

These are the things that go through my mind in traffic.

Meanwhile...remember our crappy neighbors? Well, they've been replaced by crappier neighbors! And these freaks thought they understand the Homeowner Association handbook so well that they'd teach Steinvic and I a lesson by instructing us where to park, and threatening to tow us. We've parked in our spots for six years, harmoniously, along with all the other neighbors, no matter how bad they've behaved otherwise.

How I delighted in posting a note on my car today, after I slipped joyfully into my parking space, explaining how I'd talked to the HOA and that each unit really does get two spaces and that no one has the right to tow anyone.

I felt confident doing this because...well, the HOA lady was supposed to tell the unit owner and she was supposed to contact these tenants. I'm not always brave enough to stand my ground, so I did make super duper sure first that I was correct.

But really! Can you imagine moving in one day, then entering someones gated back yard the next and taping a note to the door threatening to tow? I can't! (By the way, I make the occasional spelling mistake/typo, but the last time I checked, no one had the "wright to tow" another person's car. And too and to were not interchangeable.

Okay, that's it! I'm trying to get back to posting, so sorry if these recent posts haven't been too exciting. I'm getting back into it...bear with me. Or bare with me. Or bair with me.

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