Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Night

We just had a good night. Not our typical Saturday evening, but a really lovely, different evening.

Our friend J, who I have known since I was about the same age as the ID photo on this page, invited us to her side of town. Usually, she drives all the way out here to see us, but tonight, we went to a restaurant by her place, and then to her house to hang out at her neighbor's fire pit.

What a great evening...we'd usually either chill here or go up to our local for a few on a Saturday night, but tonight we did this wonderfully typical for everyone else thing and it was perfect.

Dinner was yummy, the conversation was fun and J's neighbors were accommodating and so very natural and easy to talk with.

Now, we're comfortable in our PJs, after a nice time with our friend (and her furry felines and puppies) and reflecting on just how good life really is.

And I'm proud of J, who has prevailed despite a flurry of ongoing challenges. She's a good Mom, a great homemaker and a helluva baker...but most of all, a loyal friend.

Sigh...we are tired and full and content...a stellar Saturday night. Hope yours was great, too!

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