Sunday, October 10, 2010


We went to our local for a few this evening and on the way home, Steinvic said, "Might not seem like it, but we accomplished a lot this weekend." And he is right.

We finally got the nerve to take his car to the shop to find out just what needed to be done to it to keep it running. It's nearly 14 years old, and he's been quietly dealing with the shortcomings, not wanting to drain our accounts, but praying that it would get him to Cbus and back safely each week. We took it in, got the list of needs and tackled four small - but neccessary - affordable fixes this weekend.

I also finished 98% of our wedding table centerpieces this weekend. It would have been 100%, but one of the flameless candles was defective, and is being replaced. They are coming along nicely. Picture these with simple, round, mirrored coasters beneath them.

Aaaand there is a big space beneath the photo and this text, and I'm not sure how to fix it, so, sorry about that! But the company, is fabulous and helpful, and didn't even require me to send the bad one back before sending me a new one.

Then, Mom and C stopped by today to drop off a wedding present for us. We had insisted they not give us a gift as they do plenty for us and we weren't expecting anything, but right now, we're watching the Reds against the Phillies on a 40 inch HD flat screen!

OK...Blogger won't let me upload a photo of it! What the heck tonight! But it is a really nice Sony model and I know we'll have it for a long time. An amazing and extravagant gift...more than we'd buy for ourselves. You can see every blade of grass on the ballfield!

Now, I'm off to slice a from-scratch is good, and it has for sure been a weekend of a lot of happenings.

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