Thursday, October 7, 2010

Official Blogger

Steinvic and I were taking our walk tonight - we're lucky enough to have a really awesome path right by our house - and he said, "Did you see that anonymous comment on your blog?"

I asked him what it said and he told me.

At first I was like, "Huh? Who would post that?"

And then I thought, "Get out! Someone gave enough of a darn to comment on a post I made!" Over a year into this, I guess I'm officially a blogger.

A post that had nothing to do with this person or anyone they know. A post that was just my little sad release out there in the world. A post about a friendship gone by, that had been fizzling out for a long while. A post that I made, figuring all three people who read my blog would see it.

But no! When someone random anonymously comments on your blog about something that has nothing to do with them, you realize that you've struck a chord. Good or bad, intentional or not, you've hit a tender spot.

You might go back and read what you wrote and say, "This is stupid," and delete it. You might do as I did more than a year ago and purge every post you'd ever made, not because someone made comments there, but because you just figured you wanted a clean slate and didn't care for what you'd posted previously.

And that is the beauty of this place. I write, maybe someone reads, maybe not. If it's a sex toy advertisement in the comment section that appears in Chinese font, I can delete it. If it's offensive - poof! - gone. If it's a compliment, I treasure it. But no matter what, when someone bothers to comment, you've reached that person, whether you meant to or not.

So, thank you, anonymous poster, who doesn't know the nuances or details of my life or relationships, but who took the time to cast judgment when I let my hair down. I've arrived! I'm a blogger.

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