Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Things

I love the new show with Tony Danza called "Teach." Not sure what it is...if it is the fact that I was going to be a teacher, the nostalgia of Danza from the 80s, or reality TV done well, but I freaking love it. If you have access to A&E on Fridays, go for it.

(Thank goodness I didn't teach or I would never have met Steinvic.)

We received our organza bags that I'll put white and green candies into for our wedding party. I'll link to it here another time (right now we're waiting for the homemade pizza I crafted to cool enough to eat, so I don't have the link now) but they are just right and the perfect shade of green.

We're ditching the wedding night/day tradition of not seeing each other before hand, and we'll head north together on Wednesday morning. I'm actually really excited about this...he is my best friend in the Universe and I think I'd be nervous without him. Besides, I'm not superstitious about us; we're solid. It will be easier and less stress to get ready at home together and head up together. I can't wait!

I got my hair colored professionally this week. For anyone who knows me, it's a big deal because I don't spend money on me! And this week, I spent a pretty penny to make my hair dark blond with stripeys. This is - ridiculously - close to my natural color...and I paid for it. But it looks awesome and I'm thankful that Steinvic encouraged me to do it.

The spokesperson for Sargento cheese sounds like someone is grabbing his throat while he talks.

I have a huge list of things to do, but I'm not stressed. Work has me a little taxed, but man, I'm thankful for that job.

Interesting dream about my Grandma last night...still sorting that out...

My Mom is filling in for the bridesmaid-who-would-not-be. She is happy to sign for us and I'm happy to say that everyone who is attending loves us 100% and wants to be there. No drama!

I have a candle to tend to - one of the flameless didn't work and its replacement is here - and boutonnieres and ribboned roses to create, but I'm almost set...

Life is good!

This is my random account of Life right now....

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