Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smoking Out

We went to a party in our neighborhood last night and the focal point of this event was smoked meat. Pork shoulder, chicken, beef ribs, pork ribs, kabobs...these guys watch barbeque and smoking shows all year and converge on one house each fall to drink and smoke meat all day, and then serve up their creations to their families and friends. They even wear matching cute!
What does a pescetarian eat at a smoked meat event? One hamburger bun, some of my famous spicy baked beans and the most awesome coleslaw I've ever had. (I've got to find out who made that and get the recipe...I could probably eat it everyday.) I'm usually more prepared at food-centric events like this, but I figured we'd be more socializing than eating anyway, so what I found to nosh on was just fine.
It was fun, different, and along with our regular pals, we met some super nice folks who live in our neighborhood - a big difference from the nextdoor neighbor situation we've dealt with, for sure!

The smokers mostly looked like this - there were seven of them:
(And you can buy one here, which is where the original photograph appears.)
By the way, this morning, I was in one of my e-mail accounts that gets strange ads all the time and this one - for skin cream - appeared in my inbox. Anyone else thinks it looks like a doctored up photograph of Meredith Baxter Birney?
That's enough for's back to work tomorrow, after our awesome break...

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